personal formulas

Herbalism involves the use of plant remedies to promote health. Plants with healing benefits have been used in all cultures from pre-historic times to today’s sicence-based medicine. Herbal remedies are plant-based  substances that can be used to improve, maintain and restore health and wellness. The focus is on enhancing the healing capacity and vitality of the body.

Britta Bloedorn’s herbalist health consulting practice includes a diverse apothecary of botanical extracts.  Herbal remedies are conscientiously prepared using time-proven methods and are ethically sourced, from wildcrafting or processing of fresh and dried plant material, to maceration, percolation and formulation.

The apothecary is an important part of consultation services, because it allows the practitioner to create customized personal formulas tailored to her unique clients’ needs. It contains over 100 different plant liquid extracts from which Britta is able to choose appropriate remedies to recommend to her clients and to design either single remedies or complex formulas to address individualized and personal health goals. By custom formulating remedies for her clients Britta is able to address her client’s unique needs and adjust formulation and dosages as needed.

The clinic’s diverse array of botanicals available includes many well-known herbal remedies such as Echinacea and St. John’s Wort, western bioregional allies such as Balsam Root and Burdock, and numerous lesser-known valuable botanicals such as Lousewort and Bugleweed. All preparations are either conscientiously created by the experienced herbalist, or carefully sourced from reputable suppliers and herbal companies.

The herbalist offers herbal extracts to clients in her professional care. By entering a client relationship with the herbalist, personal formulations are available to you as part of the consultation process and the follow-up care. You are not required to purchase herbs from the practice. Britta will also provide information on other sources of quality herbal and nutritional products available to you as needed.


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