student comments

“Britta’s classes are creative, engaging and inspiring.  As an educator, and an herbal medicine enthusiast, I appreciate her class design, including in-class activities and lecture.  Each class is unique and informative, and so full of information that I could take the class over again and learn something new every time.  I always look forward to taking another one of her classes whenever I have the chance!”
-Dr. Natalie Dawson, College of Forestry and Conservation faculty, University of Montana

I really enjoyed the herbal class given by Britta Bloedorn.  It was very informative on plants we could use in our area that we could make herbal teas, ointments, lozenges etc. We were able to have hands on experience in making herbal remedies which made the learning experience so much better. Britta is an excellent, enthusiastic teacher. I look forward to her next class.”
-Karrin Sax

THANKS again for a wonderful class.
The Herbal Medicine class was a wonderful introduction to this field. The class already has me flipping through herb books, and I hope to take another class soon. It was a very welcoming environment to learn in.
… Thanks and I do mean it!
Paige D.”

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