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Since Britta started her practice, I have seen her for a few, very different, concerns, and I would highly recommend her services.
I went to her for allergy relief, menopausal issues which included fibroids, and for stress relief. Britta takes the time getting to know you, and the health issues you want to solve. After 4 months of care, and special herbal tonics, my fibroids had basically disappeared.  I will continue to use her services… the results have been amazing. Thanks!!”
- C. A., Missoula, MT, 2012

During my first spring here in Missoula almost five years ago, I started getting hay fever. I’ve never had that sort of allergy before, though I have been seriously allergic to cats since I was 20. After a thorough holistic health exam, Britta mixed up a few tinctures for me and gave me the materials for tea that I was to drink for the next several weeks.
The herbs she gave did indeed have a long lasting effect. I’ve hardly had hay fever since. The miraculous part, however, is that they have radically reduced my cat allergies as well! It used to be that I would start having an asthma attack shortly after entering houses with cats. Now I can visit friends who have cats and even sleep over at their houses without taking any medications at all. Sometimes without feeling any allergic reactions at all.  I haven’t been able to do that in over 30 years!
Please note that I do not need to take Britta’s herbs and tinctures on a regular basis. The treatment she gave me five years ago has been effective.
With that, I wholeheartedly recommend Britta’s services to you. If you have any health concerns at all, I urge you to contact Britta. Allergies are just one small part of what she can help you with.”
- R.L., Missoula, MT

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