herbal consultations

Britta Bloedorn offers personal health consultations in her private herbal consulting practice in downtown Missoula, Montana.

Her practice provides a therapeutic, caring and confidential space for you to discuss your health concerns and gain support and individualized care on your own path to health and wellness.

Consultations are for you to discuss your health concerns and needs and to gain guidance, recommendations, and tools to help you feel better or practice preventative care using herbal medicine. Britta’s practice style is based in the model of western constitutional botanical medicine and grounded in clinical work that emphasizes the physiological, medical, emotional, environmental, and social aspects of health. This holistic approach attends to the whole person and seeks to shift the underlying causes, patterns or imbalances of health, instead of merely a symptomatic approach. It is aimed at supporting your own individual body’s innate healing processes. This means you will receive recommendations and guidance tailored to your unique situation. As a holistic health practitioner, Britta does not work with diseases or illnesses, but with people. She takes the diverse factors that affect your health or health conditions into consideration to develop a customized care protocol using botanical medicine, nutrition, health education, integrative care and advocacy.

The consultation is a client-centered process, and you will be encouraged to explore your individual health situation and needs and actively participate in your health care choices.

What do herbal consultation services include?
Initial Consultation
During the initial consultation we will discuss your health concerns, symptoms, and health goals. These may be acute or long-term issues, or you may want to learn about ways to support your general health. We will review your general well-being, body system’s health and function, medical history, family health, any test results, other health care, diet and lifestyle. Through this detailed discussion we can gain an understanding of your health picture, the potential causes and roots of health imbalance, and how herbal medicine may be helpful to you. We will work together to determine how best to approach your health concerns. The initial consultation typically takes about two hours, allowing time and space for you to share your unique concerns.
Please come to our first session with your initial health intake, personal and practice information forms, including health intake and informed consent completed, and bring a 3-day diet history and information log about any supplements and medication with you.

Following the initial visit I will create a personal health and care protocol to address your acute or chronic issues, health goals, and priorities. These recommendations may include appropriate botanical supplements, individually customized herbal formulas or single remedies, nutritional and lifestyle guidance, health information, and/or referrals to other resources and health practitioners as appropriate. As an herbalist I do not diagnose, prescribe nor treat, but rather recommend, suggest or educate.

Follow-up consultation
The follow-up consultation is essential to the client-practitioner work and to your health commitment. During your follow-up visit we will discuss any changes that have occurred, your experience, concerns, how you are feeling, and your expectations. We will review your health recommendations and I will adjust your protocol or any herbal formulas as needed. Follow-up appointments usually last about 45 minutes. Generally monthly or bi-monthly visits are recommended, or they may only be necessary on an as-needed basis depending on your needs.

Short consultation
I also offer brief herbal consultations to schedule quick follow-up and repeat formulation, or in some cases to address acute and self-limiting health concerns.

Herbal and other recommendations
I offer customized herbal formulas that are tailored to my individual clients and that may help address multiple areas of concern. Herbal and other dietary supplements are not included in your consultation fee, but are offered to clients as part of their care from me, or from other recommended sources.

I offer occasional home-visits for clients unable to visit the office due to a severe health condition and/or acute need.

I will provide you with new client information forms prior to your first appointment and ask you to complete and submit these by ahead of the time of our initial consultation. New client forms include the health history intake form, informed consent and full disclosure document, and diet history form.

Britta Bloedorn’s clinical herbalist services are strictly educational and complementary in nature. As herbalists we do not diagnose or prescribe, but offer holistic health recommendations to help our clients make informed decisions about their own health care. All of the information on this website is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the FDA. Herbal healing is not meant to replace medical diagnosis or treatment. Traditional knowledge is not FDA approved.

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