about the herbalist

Britta Bloedorn is a clinical herbalist in private practice, with 14 years of experience as a western herbalist and health practitioner, botanist, and educator. Her training includes studies with Adam Seller at the Pacific School of Herbal Medicine in California and the late Michael Moore at the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine in Arizona, with other respected western herbalists, and studies in western physiology and the health, medical, natural and social sciences. Britta also brings to her practice a strong background in sexual, women’s and midwifery health care and wellness, and social services.

Her practice style is based in the constitutional model of western botanical medicine, which emphasizes the physiological, medical, emotional, and social aspects of health.  This holistic approach attends to the whole person, their unique life’s experience and underlying causes of health concerns, and aims to support the body’s innate healing processes.

Britta is a strong advocate of the diverse and integrative aspects of traditional and modern scientific, allopathic and non-allopathic health care and makes referrals as needed. She is dedicated to empowering and educating individuals, helping her clients make informed decisions, connecting people with plants, and finding holistic, individualized, considerate and supportive approaches to health and self care. She enjoys working with people of diverse backgrounds, socially and culturally, including professionals and individuals, with people of all ages, genders and identity, walks-of-life, backgrounds or educational status, and within the LGBTIQ community.

Britta also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science and a Bachelor’s in Arts from the University of Montana. In addition to her herbal practice she maintains a private bookkeeping practice, and also currently works as part of a Missoula-based national women’s environmental health organization Women’s Voices for the Earth. In recent years she has worked in midwifery and birth assistant services, forest and watershed restoration and environmental and community-based conservation efforts in Western Montana, as a school garden coordinator and educator, and as a lab technician and herbalist for a local natural health business.

She enjoys her close friends, family and community, her animal companions, plant life and gardening, long walks, traveling, dancing, laughter, being active, sharing good food, baking bread and cakes, the water, especially swimming in rivers and oceans, a good whiskey, and so much more.

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